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Submitted on
February 1, 2007


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A day where nothing goes your way minute after minute finally passes and as you lay back in your bed you power up your MP3 player. A day where at first it looked just like any other day, but it turned out to be superb, you lay back in your bed and power up your MP3 player.

Music. It's what drives me. Music. It's what comforts me. Music. It's a narcotic. One that calls to you…asking you to listen and reach that high. Who cares what genre is the best or the worst. Who cares what people think if you like one style instead of another. Listen to what you think sounds good. Listen to what you think speaks to you. Whether it reflects what you are thinking or an event in your life be it joyous or tragic.

No matter what time of day or what the day consisted of, there is something you can listen to. Personally, I cannot go a day without listening to something. It's what keeps me sane in a hectic world that just speeds to a blur.

Well, thank you for reading this quick journal. I hope that you, the reader, have a love for music and listen to reach that euphoria. Thank you.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Believe Me - Fort Minor
  • Watching: 24
  • Playing: Halo 2
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