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Submitted on
September 14, 2007



New journal title format: For example: U13:FTML means, Update 13: From the Mind of Lotay

Well it’s another update for everyone. :D Just a few things I want to clear up and get out there. Well, onto business:

First thing I want to say is that very recently I passed the 6300 page view mark with a total of more than 13 144 deviation views and a stunning 127 watches. I have no one else to thank but all of you who :+devwatch:, :+fav:, and support my work. Thank you all. :D

For this update:

1. University has begun and even if I’m only there for 3 of the 5 weekdays, I’m usually going to be studying on those off days, but those days off also will allow me to work on art if I’m free, isn’t that cool?

2. I also want to say that, :devart: has finally corrected the error involving Comments and Favs disappearing and even though it took a few months, I’m glad they pulled it off. I will be sending them a thank you note in the coming time.

3. To end this off, I want to propose a little raffle/contest. As many have seen I’ve changed my avatar from a single growing/shrinking flare to dual flares doing the same motion, but also orbiting the planet. This means that my old one is not being used. This is where any of you come in. Are you looking for a new avatar? A new space avatar? An avatar that’s a GIF? Well look no further. I’m asking any of you who want to participate to create a little paragraph explaining what my artwork means to you. I’ve received comments from all over the spectrum and I’m thankful that many of you love my work (it’s what keeps me going at times), and now I’m asking you to show me in one small, concise paragraph why you chose to support my work.

Here are the top 3 prizes:
-> 1st Place: My old avatar + A dA Spotlight + A :+devwatch: from me (if they do not at the moment)
-> 2nd Place: A dA Spotlight + A :+devwatch: from me (if they do not at the moment)
-> 3rd Place: A :+devwatch: from me (if they do not at the moment)

Rules Summary: Paragraph must be a single paragraph posted to this journal, no longer then 10-15 sentences. You only have one chance to post, so please make sure it’s what you want to put. Multiple entries will be discounted.

Deadline: Friday, September 21, 2007 11:59 PM EST
Note: The winner will be sent the link to the avatar

Sorry, no dA Spotlight this time.


->dA Spotlight Info<-

There’s two ways you can be featured:

1. Send me a note explaining in a few lines why you feel you should be ‘spotlighted’ and send a link to one of your deviations which you think you really put your soul into.

2. The second way is through the comments. In every handful of comments I usually get a comment from someone who really explains what a deviation of mine might mean to them and then also offers tips for any discrepancies. If I feel your words hold above average merit I’ll consider you as a candidate.

I hope this really helps artists be noticed or get a few extra fans through my profile. Thank you.

Well enough for now. Hope to update more later on. :D
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